About us

Information’s in the FuneralBase.com  (about us) is for pre-planning your funeral. The purpose is to give families advice and information on what to do BEFORE a death occurs.

about us

We have had many requests on information if a death occurs and there are no arrangements premade. This obviously creates a very stressful and emotional situation when there is no preplanning, not to mention the expense! Below I will outline all that is involved in an at-need (no prearrangement’s) situation.

What we write about:

We cover subjects like: picking up remains, visit mortuary, preparing the dead to make arrangements ,select casket or urn, select burial or cremation, obtain death certificate, obtain burial permit, select burial clothes, select cash advance items, visit cemetery for burial or cremation, plan obituary, select pall bearers, write death notice, claim insurance benefits and claim social security benefits.

Make Preparations

Death enters every home at some point in time, but this unwelcome visitor doesn’t have to leave families defenseless; get a burial planning guide! Although the sadness and grief over losing a loved one is inevitable, there doesn’t need to be financial hardships incurred with the funeral expenses. Funeral planning can actually save you money. There are many other significant benefits in prearranging your funeral with the most notable being the ability to make crucial decisions without the intense emotional pain associated with death.

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