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Taylor Funeral Home is one of the most affordable family-owned funeral parlors who are offering high-quality services in several states of America. They’ve been serving families since 1909.

Their services are tailored according to the customers’ needs. The funeral home adapts to every family’s beliefs and respects every customs, traditions, and religions.

The staffs are friendly, efficient, optimistic, and customer-oriented. They’re constantly developing different kinds of services, and they are adaptable to any changes in services to meet the clients’ demands.

Brief History

Taylor Funeral Home was founded by three brothers, Thomas Taylor, Talmage Taylor, and Marvin Taylor. It first operated in different locations in Dickson’s main street.

Taylor Funeral Home

In 1948, the funeral home was sold to James Woodall and to his wife Lilah Pearl Woodall. James’s brother, Tom Woodall, bought shares from his brother. Tom’s wife, Jean Taylor Woodall, was Talmage’s daughter.

In August 1978, the funeral home turned into a corporation.

Why Taylor Funeral Home?

  • They provide efficient services that respect an individual’s life.

  • They strongly adhere to their principle to give “A Living Service for the Living.”

  • They provide various services not just for the dead, but also for the living by providing services like funeral plans, insurance consultation, and the like.

  • Professionally and emphatically support grieving families, acquaintances, and friends.

  • Their memberships to professional organizations attest to their credibility in the industry.

A Proud Member of the Following Organizations and Associations

  • Rotary Club

  • Phenix City / Russell County Chamber of Commerce

  • East Alabama Funeral Directors Association

  • Alabama Funeral Directors Association

  • National Funeral Directors Association

  • Georgia Funeral Service Practitioners Association

  • Bi-City Funeral Directors Association

  • Lions Club

Best Services Offered That Can Be Flexible According to Every Budget

Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Death is inevitable and unpredictable. Nobody can guess when his or her time will come. For this reason, many people buy insurances and educational plans. However, pre-planning a funeral must also be considered for the sake of your loved ones.

Taylor Funeral Home -2

Here at Taylor Funeral Home, our pre-arranged funeral plans can fit to anyone’s budget. You are advised to talk to the funeral home’s director to discuss the benefits that you can get according to your budget.

One of the best things about this funeral’s parlor funeral plan is that it is transferrable. For this reason, no matter where you end up living, you may transfer all the benefits to any funeral homes.

Different Kinds of Caskets or Urns to Choose From

  • Aurora

  • Batesville Casket and Urn

  • Wilbert Vault

  • Matthews Casket and Urn

Bereavement Support

Grieving may take time. A funeral service is just one of the first processes that a loved one has to undergo to be able to move on. Taylor Funeral Home offers grieving support for the family and friends of a loved one who passed away. You may discuss the counseling and grief support options to your funeral director.

Other Services Offered

  • Traditional and Personalized Funeral Services

  • Funeral Program Design and Printing

  • Cemetery Property

  • Immediate Burials

  • Financial Consultation

  • Notary Public

  • Monuments

  • Cremations

  • Obituaries

  • Domestic and International Shipping

  • Special Limousine and Transport services

Who Are Our Staffs?

Our staffs consist of professional and efficient funeral directors and embalmers.

Death is a natural occurrence in our lives; sad but true. Whether you like it or not, there’ll be a time that you will have to leave your loved ones behind. All you can do to help them when it happens is to prepare them in moving on easily and ease the funeral tasks that will be bestowed on them. Taylor Funeral Home offers these services that can help you and your loved ones.

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